A welcoming, multi-purpose Community Hub and Cafe for Tottenham

After much support from volunteers, businesses and the local community, an old disused bowling club has been transformed into a vibrant community cafe and growing space. A place to meet neighbours, share skills and ideas, make new friends, have fun, be fit, grow food, show case talents, perform in our festivals and events.

With the help of volunteers we will continue to transform the space with a beautiful community garden. Keep an eye out on the website and our social media for news on events and ongoing community activities.

Everyone is welcome. We can all contribute in different ways, bringing the positive changes we want to see in our neighbourhoods.


Tottenham Cafe Connect is now called "Living Under One Sun Community Hub and Cafe"

Our core mission of providing a friendly inviting place to meet neighbours, share skills and ideas, make new friends, have fun, be fit, grow food, show case talents, perform in our festivals and events.
Our new website is coming...in the meantime please keep visiting Tottenhamcafeconnect.org for updates or connect with us on social media!
New colourful exterior of Living Under One Sun Community Hub & Cafe


Tottenham Cafe Connect Goes Outdoors! We need you - Please Pledge your support!

With community support, our partners & the Mayor, Tottenham Café Connect’s community hub is now up & running – a welcoming haven used & run by local residents in the heart of a massive regeneration area. We’ve a busy indoor space& outdoor oven, but now have overwhelming demand for community-run outdoor activities & events: arts and Eco crafts, carpentry, camping, dance, music, theatre, comedy and film nights, gardening and food growing. This project will create covered spaces, provide lighting & electrics, containers & storage for bikes, bike maintenance & sports , carpentry , gardening equipment – so the bowling green space can be used all year round as a safe place for people of all ages, abilities & cultures to share ideas & aspirations, be up-skilled & active, integrate and engage positively in their neighbourhood! Tottenham is becoming more polarised with some big challenges – through this project we want to connect existing & newer residents together!

Please pledge your support by visiting our Spacehive page

- Create all season outdoor covered spaces for activities, pop ups & events
- Offer a camping experience for families and young people
- Provide outdoor lighting & electrics to support activities
- Repairs to safeguard the outdoor grounds area
- Create storage for bikes, bike maintenance & equipment
- Provide volunteer training & support through outdoor activities and events
'Every little helps- even a couple of Pounds makes a difference'

Growing Love Festival

On 7th July we held a celebration of the healing power of communities with a day of performances, open mic, workshops, music, and poetry from around the world. The day was in aid of Tottenham’s Café Connect, inspired by the life of Aqeelah Alam.

Honey Harvest

On 4th August we held the Living Under One Sun Honey Harvest. The Living Under One Sun allotment apiary is in the East Hale Allotment in Tottenham Hale. Honey harvested is for sale in the Cafe!